Harp Island DIY Pack Essential Oils
Harp Island DIY Pack Essential Oils

The Ultimate D.I.Y Pack

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The Ultimate D.I.Y Pack is the perfect bundle to get you started making your own essential oil items. This pack has been created so that you can start making your own roller balls to take your essential oils everywhere, and so you can start making bespoke massage blends to suit your needs. 


Includes: 10 Pack of Plastic Pipettes, 5 Amber Glass Rollerballs 15ml each, Small Glass Funnel, our Premium Massage Blend 125ml, and our Sweet Virgin Almond Oil 125ml.  


10 Pack of Plastic Pipettes: These Pipettes are just what you need to assist you in getting all your D.I.Y Essential Oil projects complete quickly and without a fuss.

Five (5) Rollerballs 15ml each: These rollerballs are perfect for creating your own essential oil blends.

Small Glass Funnel: Our small glass funnels are perfect for all your DIY needs. This glass funnel is just what you need to create your rollerballs without making a mess.  

Premium Massage Oil Blend 125ml: This Premium Unscented Massage Oil Blend has been formulated to create the perfect carrier oil for all your essential oils needs. It is ready to use as is or can be customised to suit your requirements

Sweet Virgin Almond Oil 125ml: A very popular carrier oil used to apply essential oils to the skin. Sweet Almond Oil is an excellent emollient and is known for its ability to soften and re-condition the skin 



Premium Massage Oil Blend: Soyabean Oil, Almond Sweet Oil, Wheatgerm Oil, Natural Vitamin E

Sweet Virgin Almond Oil: Prunis Amygdalus Dulcis Oil


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