About Harp Island

Harp Island is a Sydney based wellness and essential oils brand that specialises in premium essential oils and bespoke blends that have been carefully sourced from around the world. Our products aim to support and encourage a more healthy and vibrant wellbeing.
Our mission is to encourage the use of aromatherapy to assist individuals and families to improve their wellbeing and to discover the powerful benefits and advantages of essential oil use.
There is a growing and increasing need for natural alternatives to be utilised in the home and in everyday life. Harp Island aims to provide customers with a range of natural remedies for the purpose of health, wellbeing and lifestyle through essential oil use.
Harp Island makes using essential oils easy, simple and accessible by providing a hub of useful resources and sourcing pure essential oils, blends and products.
Who is Harp Island?
Meet our founder Renee Victoria.
What started as a hobby, quickly became a lifestyle.
Essential oils quickly became an integral part of my life when I discovered that my job in law was making me anxious, causing me to wake up feeling sick and make me restless during the night. I often relied on essential oils to control my emotions and settle my stomach. I relied on essential oils so heavily that I simply could not leave the house without them. 
It became very clear that essential oils could really assist individuals who were experiencing all forms of health and emotional related issues. I immersed myself in learning about everything that there was to learn about essential oils and was quick to encourage family members and friends to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy.
I left my job as a Solicitor and focused on developing a range of products that could change the lives of Australian’s through the use of essential oils. I am very proud of the brand and hope that the use of essential oils will become an integral part of your home.
Make oils essential in your life.