Women's Health: Using Essential Oils

Throughout our lives, our female hormones will experience a number of changes. These changes will result in a number of physical and emotional symptoms, many of which can be reduced and assisted through the use of essential oils. There are three main common symptoms or experiences that us women will go through during our lives; Premenstrual, Pregnancy and Postpartum/Menopause. 


Premenstrual Symptoms 

Many women experience a range of different emotions and physical symptoms the days before menstruation. For some women, the symptoms are mild and occur for just a small period of time. Unfortunately, for other women, symptoms can be much more severe and pronounced and can begin weeks before menstruation occurs. 

Each woman will experience different symptoms, both physical and emotional, which may include bloating, fatigue, breast tenderness, lower back pain, fluid retention, abdominal discomfort, mood swings, mild anxiety, stress, irritability, and a low mood. I can honestly say that I have experienced most, if not all, of these symptoms at some stage. These symptoms can make it incredibly difficult to get on with our days, whether it is attending to the children, home or workplace. 

However, there is a natural and holistic option for women to turn for relief from these regular, ongoing experiences. Essential oils can assist in treating a range of premenstrual symptoms by relieving physical complaints and providing emotional support. Each essential oil has its own beneficial properties. Some can assist with uplifting the mood and relieving tension, some can ease period pains and other aches, and some can improve our energy levels. Depending on the symptoms you experience during menstruation, there will a blend suitable for you. A digestive blend for bloating, a de-stress blend for mood swings, stress, and irritability and a muscular blend for lower back pain. Harp Island offers a range of pure essential oils and bespoke oil blends that will surely be able to assist with any symptoms you may be regularly experiencing. 



It is strongly advised by many aromatherapists to avoid the use of particular essential oils during pregnancy. However, some aromatherapists have agreed upon a range of essential oils that are safe and can assist with relaxation, discomfort and some pregnancy symptoms. 

Aromatherapy can ease morning sickness, relieve aching muscles and support a woman during labour. 

There are differing opinions about which essential oils are safe for use during pregnancy. Some of the agreed principles between aromatherapists are that if you have had difficulties falling pregnant or have a history of complicated pregnancies, you should avoid using essential oils during the first trimester. Also, always use essential oils in low dilutions. 

Here at Harp Island, we recommend that if you wish to use essential oils during pregnancy we strongly advise that you consult an aromatherapist to discuss your options and to determine which essential oils are safe. 


Postpartum and Menopause

After birth, some women may experience hormonal swings which can sometimes lead to postpartum depression. Similarly, hormonal changes during menopause resulting in mood changes can cause irritability and possibly depression. One of the common known physical symptoms of menopause is hot flushes/flashes. Calming, relaxing and balancing essential oils can help to ease both physical and emotional symptoms and can lift the spirits and mood. 

Menopause and childbirth is a very different experience for every woman. Allow the powers of aromatherapy and essential oils to help you along your journey. It could be as simple as a small blend of essential oils that will leave you smelling divine and feeling uplifted and refreshed. 

Here at Harp Island, we have a range of essential oils that may assist you during these times, including Jasmine and Fennel. 


Should you have any questions about using essential oils during  Premenstrual, Pregnancy and Postpartum/Menopause please reach out to our team at hello@harpisland.com.au. 

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