The life of my living room diffuser

Every diffuser has a story to tell. Every diffuser is used differently. Every diffuser has it's own spot in someone's home. 

It will come to no surprise that the diffuser that lives in the centre of my living room will often run from the moment I wake up until long after I have gone to sleep. Even if I am leaving my home for a short while, I leave my diffuser running. It creates such a beautiful delight when I walk through the door upon my return.   

When I wake in the morning I like to start with a blend that is refreshing and uplifting. I'll often create my own blend using a citrus oil and something else that is known to be invigorating. It really helps me start off my day feeling alive and energised. I will usually let it diffuse for the morning until I need something to keep me focused and on task for the afternoon.

We all know that by the time the afternoon comes we often feel like packing up for the day and heading home for a nap. For the afternoon a blend of oils known for improving mental fatigue will be diffusing. I find that an oil known to improve one's alertness and something else a little sweet, like sweet orange works really well for me. Harp Island offers a premade blend called Mental Clarity which would be perfect to keep you on task for the afternoon. 

Following an afternoon of hard work, I will give the diffuser a short break while I prepare the evening meal and take my shower. Otherwise, I will let something simple, like Lavender, diffuse while I potter around the house. 

When it comes to the evening I am quick to start diffusing a calming and relaxing blend. I need something to set me in for the evening while I'm curled up on the couch reading a book or watching an addictive Netflix series. My blend will take the edge of a busy day, get me to unwind and forget about the unnecessary. Harp Island also offers a delightful premade blend called De Stress which will help to create a stress-free and relaxed environment in your home. 

As soon as the clock strikes ten it's time for a sedative sleep blend. The living room diffuser will finish off diffusing my evening calming blend and I will prepare my bedroom diffuser with a soft blend that will truly help me drift off and have the perfect night's sleep. 

All of the oils that I diffuser during my day have a very specific purpose. I absolutely love that I can rely on my essential oils to get me started for a big day, keep me focused and on task after lunch and get my settled and relaxed for the evening. Don't hesitate to bring essential oils into your home. You will be sure to notice their benefits straight away. 



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