How essential oils changed my life.

It is no surprise to find a diffuser sitting in the living room or bedroom of a woman who has caught onto the trend of diffusing essential oils in their home. I was once one of those women who thought that it was a beautiful feature to have on display or to make my little apartment or bedroom smell delightful. However, I quickly learnt that the use of essential oils meant so much more and would have such a positive impact on the way I went about my day. 

I am one of those people who are known for commonly feeling sick, whether it be a stomach ache, bloating, a common headache or uncontrollable cramps. Also a sufferer of panic attacks and anxiety, learning about the benefits of essential oils became so important and so very interesting. I sourced a few of the common essential oils and read up online about how I could utilise them to my benefit. I discovered the different purposes of each of the oils I had sourced and the different ways that I could incorporate them into my life. 

I was quick to create individual homemade blends and roller balls so that I could carry around my essential oils where ever I went. A digestive blend, a headache blend and a sleep blend were the first I made. I loved that I had discovered a new hobby that brought me so much joy but also benefited my life and wellbeing. 

Early mornings made me physically ill. A sore stomach and nausea often accompanied my morning tea and toast, until one morning when I applied my homemade digestive blend to my stomach. It wasn't long before I realised that my ill feelings had left. I was surprised but also incredibly pleased. I used my homemade blends and roller balls regularly and continued to educate myself about all things essential oils.  A small hobby quickly became an addiction. My essential oils collection grew and I continued to discover all the benefits of each of the oils. 

Panic attacks and anxiety became so very common when I was laying in bed after a long, stressful day in the office where I was employed as a Solicitor. Nine hour days, two hours of traveling time, nonstop emails, constant requests and below minimum wage pay, meant that my panic attacks became more common than ever. My partner tried everything he could to calm me, not knowing the cause or how to deal with the irregularity of my attacks. My body was completely overtaken and nothing could prevent them from occurring. 

A lightbulb moment occurred and I turned to my trusty essential oils. Some quick research and experimenting with my range, I created an oil blend to diffuse and a roller ball to carry around with me. With my attacks often occurring in the evening, I applied the homemade blend to my pressure points before going to bed. I ensured I did it every night and had a complementing blend running through the diffuser. Work got more difficult and demanding, but the panic attacks had soon disappeared. It took me a while to first notice the change and that I was falling asleep quicker and more peacefully. 

From this, the use of essential oils in my life and in my home became... essential. I use essential oils for pretty much everything. Whether its a stomach ache, headache, those monthly period pains, an afternoon drop in energy, an incoming panic attack or a restless night's sleep, my go-to is my handy essential oils box. 

I now have the privilege of sharing the ongoing benefits of essential oils with the shoppers of Harp Island. Don't be afraid to believe. Don't be afraid to give it ago. 

Essential oils have truly changed my life for the better. Let essential oils change your life too. 

I have created this site so that shoppers and users of essential oils can purchase all their oil needs in one place and can gain some insightful knowledge from the hub of information. This site will continue to grow and I will regularly add more products and more resources so that you too can enjoy the benefits of essential oils.  


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